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SnoMaster – 85L Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer AC/DC


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The Snomaster SMDZ-EX85D is an 85-liter high performance double door camping fridge freezer designed to cope with higher ambient temperatures experienced on long expeditions.

Features: 70mm insulation allows for more efficient cool down period and allows unit to maintain lower temperature for longer periods in a higher ambient environment
Stainless steel cabinet allow the polyurethane to be injected under high pressure, giving better insulation
Wireless controller enables the unit to be operated remotely (solar powered)
Transit bag and baskets are included in price
Larger compressor allows for better cooling efficiency over a 24-hour cycle.
Auto function will allow the unit to scroll between running amps.
7-year warranty on Snomaster 66-watt compressor

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